Child Care Toolkit
I'm Worried


Has your childcare provider expressed concerns about your child's behavior?


Is your child's development “normal”? Will he/she grow out of it?


Learn about typical child development and “frequently asked questions” from these age-based handouts from Zero to Three. Click here.  


Here are some tips for talking with your child’s doctor when you are concerned about his or her development.


Do you want a free developmental checkup?


Family Support Network provides free screenings in the local community. Click to view the schedule in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.


Call Help Me Grow at 1.866.GROW.025 (1.866.476.9025) and we will send you a developmental screening tool in the US mail or to your email. You can also make this request through our online portal in English or Spanish.


Pretend City Children’s Museum offers developmental screening on their website and at the museum. Click here for more information.


Are you looking for a new childcare provider?


Children’s Home Society will provide referrals to licensed child care. Call 714-543-2273 or visit their website for referrals.   


For a listing of child care programs serving children with special needs click here and select from "special needs" drop down when completing child care referral form.


Tips for selecting quality child care are found at NAEYC.


Guides to assist and evaluate your child care needs, English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Tagalog.


Choosing Child Care When Your Child Has Challenging Behavior: Handle With Care


Does your child have difficulty following directions?


While there are hundreds of online resources that offer “quick tips” for improving a child’s behaviors, this article   by the Child Mind Institute provides an excellent summary of the research-based approach for effective behavior management.  


This Backpack Connection Series is a collection of handouts for parents and caregivers to work together to help young children develop social emotional skills and reduce challenging behavior.  Click here to see handouts.


There are a variety of helpful resources in Orange County to support children and families experiencing behavioral challenges.  Call Help Me Grow at 1.866.GROW.025 (1.866.476.9025) for assistance in finding these resources.


Would you like stress support via a free app?


Buddha Board (by Buddha Board, Inc.)
iPhone (free)
Master the art of ‘letting go’ - Buddha Board is based on the Zen concept of living in the moment, you create your design on the screen, and then as it slowly disappears, you are left with a clean slate and a clear mind - ready to create a new masterpiece.


Self-Help for Anxiety Management/SAM (by University of the West of England)
Android and iPhone (free)
SAM is a friendly app that offers a range of self-help methods for people who are serious about learning to manage their anxiety. 


Happify (by Happify, Inc.)
Android and iPhone (free)
How you feel matters. Whether you're feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, or you're dealing with constant negative thoughts, Happify brings you effective tools and programs to take control of your emotional well-being.


Click here for Resource Library.