Help Me Grow
National Replication


Help Me Grow Orange County has received national attention as it is based on the Help Me Grow Connecticut model, which was first launched in 1998, becoming a comprehensive, statewide, coordinated system of early identification and referral for children at risk for developmental delay or behavioral problems. Connecticut Children's Medical Center has received additional funding from The Commonwealth Fund (2008-2010) and Kellogg Foundation (2010-2012) to replicate the Help Me Grow system in 15 additional states beyond Orange County, CA and Connecticut. In addition, the Help Me Grow Orange County Manager is serving as a member of the National Replication technical advisory staff and the Medical Director is a member of both the National Replication advisory committee and Request For Proposal review committee.


A Commonwealth Fund manual, "How to Develop a Statewide System to Link Families with Community Resources: A Manual for Replication of the Help Me Grow System," has been developed to offer guidance to other states wanting to improve access to developmental and behavioral services for children and families


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